Empowered First

Empowered First transforms the lives of introverted women all over the globe. Natalie who is the owner and an inspiring transformational coach, uses her signature transformational 3-step program to help her clients gain confidence, empowerment and the belief that they can have the life they’ve always desired. She herself is an introverted woman who after many years of professional career decided to transform her life completely in pursue of a fulfilled life path.

professional, elegant, empowering


The concept behind this logo is the result of the client’s transformational journey with Natalie. We chose a symbolic butterfly icon as it is the most recognizable symbol of transformation and it is understood by many cultures. Natalie is focused on collaboration with women and the butterfly beautifully emphasise the feminine side of her business.

Blue is one of the dominating colours in Natalie’s brand identity. The choice was based on the target market background, taste and style preferences. Natalie is a dedicated, trustworthy coach who brings impressive results and her brand colours bring this message across

successful, joyful, feminine

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