joga od kuchni

Joga od Kuchni is  a new YT series that combines what’s best for your health, body and soul. It a unique combination of yoga exercise and delicious recipes preparation.


Do you ever feel like moving when cooking delicious and healthy meals? Or maybe too busy for cooking AND exercising? Why not combining them?!


health, deliciousness, fun exercise

The scope of this project was to create a fun face for their series. It involved creating a bouncy logo, logo mark and a colour pallet.

joga od kuchni branddesign brisbane 01
brand design joga (1)

What 's the outcome?

Fresh and modern brand that expresses all the qualities of the series and the playfulness of its YT hosts.

what does the client say

My collaboration with Dominika was a pure pleasure. Professionalism, amazing ideas, impeccable manners and openness are what made our collaboration special. Fast project turnover is another factor that made Dominika stand out. Project deliverables are neat and done with care, according to brand guidelines. I would definitely recommend working with Dominika.

∼Ola Żelazo

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