It was a pleasure to work with a dedicated and extremely friendly team at NettZero.They were looking to increase their online presence with an appealing visual identity evoking trust and authority reinforcing their leadership in the industry. Their website was designed to direct their audience to the wide range of services they offer and provide a comprehensive explanation of each one of them. One of the priorities was to create a hub with articles and blogs where they could continue to share their knowledge and above all be able to update it themselves. 


Climate change is real and thanks to companies like NettZero we take a tiny, tiny step towards achieving sustainability and net zero emissions.

NettZero recently engaged Doaloa Design to overhaul our web presence and are very satisfied with the end result. During the liaison process we found Dominka to be prompt and attentive to our needs and extremely professional in her approach. We required a very fast turnaround time and Dominika accommodated our timeline without hesitation. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a professional web designer.

∼Matthew Greening, NettZero