Ola Zelazo

Ola Zelazo is a Polish yogilates trainer promoting healthy lifestyle and a colourful life through balanced trainings and diet. She is a volcano of positive energy and is sure to pass it on to you if you only give her a chance! She is the host of her popular YouTube channel where she spreads her awareness on how regular physical activity positively affects our lives and contributes to our longevity.

balance, joy, health

passion, strength, energy

I started my collaboration with Ola by expanding her existing brand identity, I created a logo mark as well as promotional design elements for many aspects of Ola’s brand. Ola’s photographer— Dorota Bialkowska provided the photography for this project.

positivity, happiness, bliss
doa loa web and brand design (13)

Ola’s brand is a unique combination of strength and femininity. The aim of our project was to capture those unique qualities.

I have an ongoing relationship with Ola and I am excited about all the project we will be working on in the future!

doa loa brand identity (2)

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