WooCommerce Basics

This video will walk you step by step on how to create a new product in your WooCommerce store. This video can also be helpful if you’d like to modify information that has already been input into your store.

Adding a long description to a product is simple and only takes a few minutes, the same is true for a short product description. What is the difference between them and how can you know which one is which? This video will give you all the answers.


More information on order management can be found here.


Are you wondering how can you add or edit coupons in WooCommerce store? This video coveres default WooCommerce set up. Functionalities from advanced coupons plugins are not covered in this video.


Please watch the first video on image editing provided in the standard website built training folder to understand how to upload new images and make sure that they are of the right size.


WooCommers make it possible for you, as a store owner to moderate and reply to the customer

reviews. This video helps you understand how to viewing and manage your Product Reviews.

​This video applies to you only if you have agreed to include a product review widget on your product page during the website design process.


This video explains how to mark a WooCommerce product as out of stock


Head to WooCommerceSettings. You’ll see a several tabs at the top. Go to the  Emails tab.


Would you like to learn more? Click here.



Learn more on WooCommerce’s official YouTube Channel. Click here.


These are free resources designed to help you: samall business owner, manage your WooCommerce store with ease. Please be mindful! This not an e-course and requests for extra or custom videos can be obtained an at extra cost or as part of your monthly support plan.

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