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your rehab physio

Your Rehab Physio is a Physiotherapy Clinic based on assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation from pain and injury with a strong focus on rehabilitation and education to allow self confidence in managing & settling injury.


The scope of this project was to create a professional and fun brand identity with an innovative website allowing patients to access physio services from anywhere in the world.

your rehab physio brand design 02
your rehab physio horizontal reverse rgb 298px@72ppi
Professionalism and fun in one!

The logo design was inspired by a graphic representation of throbbing pain.The choice of calm colours and scale allow me to shift the interpretation of the symbol towards focus, capturing the mission of the business, giving the graphic representation a new meaning: focus and heal. 

The new way of providing physio services is coming soon, stay tuned for the brand new educational website!

your rehab physio brand design 02

What 's the outcome?

Fresh and modern brand that expresses all the qualities of the series and the playfulness of its YT hosts.

what does the client say

My collaboration with Dominika was a pure pleasure. Professionalism, amazing ideas, impeccable manners and openness are what made our collaboration special. Fast project turnover is another factor that made Dominika stand out. Project deliverables are neat and done with care, according to brand guidelines. I would definitely recommend working with Dominika.

∼Ola Żelazo