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For creatives, coaches, and visionaries: break the mold, connect authentically, and transform your brand.

missing your essence?

Have you ever been told that you need to BE a certain way to be successful? Yet, as time rolled on, you likely discovered that those unique elements you once tried to hide are, in fact, your most significant assets. This revelation is about authenticity, drawing the right clientele. It is about standing out from the crowd. But it is also about personal fulfillment.


After all, what joy is there in navigating the business world shackled to someone else’s idea of success? Embrace your unique qualities—they’re the very essence that sets you apart!

Build a brand & website true to you!

We all start somewhere. Usually on a shoestring because you just want to get it out there. But over time it can feel like the quick fix isn’t doing you justice or a true reflection of ‘YOU’.


If you’re ready for a brand and website that not only embodies who you truly are but also resonates deeply with your audience, you are in the right place!

be YOU, be unique, connect with your audience, elevate your business

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what do my clients say
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Above-and-Beyond Web Design, Expert Advice, and Outstanding Responsiveness

Dom is an amazing web designer, and she went above and beyond to create an excellent website. Dom was very responsive throughout the whole process, provided really valuable advice and has a great taste in design. It was a pleasure working with her, highly recommend!

∼Graesan Nixon, OT for ADHD

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Professionalism, amazing ideas, impeccable manners and openness

My collaboration with Dominika was a pure pleasure. Professionalism, amazing ideas, impeccable manners and openness are what made our collaboration special. Project deliverables are neat and done with care, according to brand guidelines. I would definitely recommend working with Dominika.

∼Ola Żelazo

bianca batty
A Pleasure to Work With & Outstanding Branding Results

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dominika and she has done an amazing job with my new brand. Her approach to it all was very thorough and nothing was ever an issue. I am thrilled with everything that she has done for me!

∼Bianca Batty, Wild Wattle Digital

what is my true essence?

Strategic Approach

Beyond just design, I integrate business strategy to ensure the branding resonates with  your target audience and drives growth.


Efficiency isn’t just nice-to-have, it’s a must. I design smart solutions that handle repetitive tasks, so you can focus on what truly counts: leveraging your unique skills and creativity to expand your business.


My focus is always on your success and growth. Together we will create a brand that not only looks stunning but also instills the confidence and empowerment you need to thrive in your business!


Confidence is a side effect of a well-executed brand strategy. And don’t worry about navigating the tech landscape alone—I’ve got your back every step of the way.

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Hi, I'm Dom

I’m a Brand and Web Designer, and yes, I was that crafty kid obsessed with design since childhood! I’ve turned that childhood hobby into an actual business (I still have to pinch myself!).


So, what’s my mission?

To elevate your current business through brand strategy and supercharge your online presence with a website you’re proud of. This way, you can finally breathe easy, and enjoy the freedom that enticed you to become a business owner in the first place. Because let’s be real—it all starts with a killer strategy and attracting the clients that make it all worthwhile.

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3 ways to use your brand values for long term business success
A 5-Step Guide to Grow Your Business Through Brand Values

Amplify your business growth by embracing your unique brand essence. 

Discover the secrets to attracting your ideal tribe, making decisions with crystal clarity, and standing out as the extraordinary brand your clients have been searching for. Ready to elevate your brand’s game?

Download the FREE guide here:

STOP what you are doing and read this review!!! If you are looking for a web designer who keep you in the loop every step of the way, is professional, has a great eye for detail and produces quality work then look no further! I recently had a Brand Refresh and website created by Doa Loa and, as a marketer, I was blown away by the level of service received and the excellent execution of work. Have already recommended Dominika to a couple of my clients.
Tenai Seymour
Tenai Seymour
Working with Dominika has been an absolute dream. Her knowledge of both the technical aspects and the aesthetic design side of things has helped me create a beautiful and functional website that has received so many comments from my clients already. The process was professional and supportive. Dominika has excellent attention to detail and has gone above and beyond to help me with a beautiful website I am proud of. Highly recommend!
Allison Dearling
Allison Dearling
Doa Loa Design, great professional service. Excellent attention to detail and patience. Was great experience working with Dominika, she was very accommodating and understanding of my thoughts and created an excellent website for us.
maria lorenzo
maria lorenzo
Dominika was so in-tune with my complete vision for our new project on our first meeting. She infused absolute confidence in me that she understood exactly what we wanted and never once failed to deliver. Her expert skills were merged with an intuitive knowing and she delivered amazing results in such a timely manner. Our team was blown away on her first round of branding suggestions when I shared them – she understood exactly my dreams and visions and brought them to life. She is a wonderful bright, passionate and humble person that is an absolute pleasure to deal with everytime. Her work ethic is outstanding and I will always be grateful for her creative genius in working on our branding for IONE Spa and Wellness. I would not hesitate to recommend Dominika’s services to anyone wanting the best.
Ione Spa & Wellness
Ione Spa & Wellness
I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Dominika and highly recommend Doa Loa Design. Her commitment, understanding and passion for design is first class. Thanks so much!!
Bernadette Andrews
Bernadette Andrews
Dom is an amazing web designer, and she went above and beyond to create an excellent website. Dom was very responsive throughout the whole process, provided really valuable advice and has a great taste in design. It was a pleasure working with her, highly recommend!
Graesan Nixon
Graesan Nixon
I have worked with Dominika on both my websites and she is officially my go to web guru. She creates beautiful sites that are functional and user friendly. The whole process was seamless and stress free and the results had me squealing with delight.
Rowena Preddy
Rowena Preddy
Working with Dominika has been incredible, she goes above and beyond with everything she does and is so committed to doing an amazing job. Dominika has been so friendly and helpful, I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting a professional job.
Kim Caruk
Kim Caruk
Dominika has been amazing to work with for website design and I have returned multiple times to her for work to be completed. She has helped me with a complete redesign of an existing website, working within a tight budget. Quick to respond, well-priced and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Angela Harrison
Angela Harrison
Dominika isn't just professional in her communications - she's also a very talented website designer! As a copywriter, I recently have the pleasure of collaborating for a website project and the whole process went extremely smoothly - resulting in a very happy client. I look forward to working with Dominika more in the future - and I highly recommend her services!
Leanne Shelton
Leanne Shelton

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