3 ways to get more customers with a great website

Whenever I hear small business owners say: ‘’I don’t need a website”, I am always intrigued to find out why. In today’s digital world, not having a website can immediately affect your credibility and sales opportunities with your audience. Whether you have a brick and mortar store or an online company, your website is quite often the first impression your customers will have of your brand. They will want to do their own research to see if your company is right for them. Having your own website is the first step to building confidence in your brand.

Make it easy for your customers to find you

If you are in business, it means you have something that people need. You know your product or service is great but do your customers? If they can’t find you, then it’s hard for them to purchase from you. These days, we live in a digital world and your customers will want all the information straight away, without needing to scroll through social media posts or make endless phone calls.

Surprisingly, less than 50% of small businesses have a website. Considering that websites are a powerful business tool and selling feature, these facts are alarming. By not having a website you are immediately missing an opportunity to be seen, found and loved by your clients. It’s time to make your business accessible to everyone and get yourself online. I’ve noted the top three reasons why.

Reason 1 – Your business, your rules

Your website is the only platform amongst all the online tools that will give you freedom and full control. We all know someone whose Facebook account has been blocked or whose Instagram has been shut down. This can take days or weeks to be fixed, even if the error was not your fault. If you only rely on social media to be your main source of income, then this can be a significant loss for your business. There is no Plan B with social media and it will affect your customer rapport and trust. There are many limitations to using social media as your only business communication, they are always changing their policies and you will never own the content on your page. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket, write what you want, in your own style on your website and be free from social media limitations and restrictions.

Reason 2 – Gaining your client’s trust

As consumers, we know how important it is to believe in the company that we’re buying from. Your customers are no different. They want to make sure your products and services are right for them. They want to read reviews and look at all your pictures. They’ll want to know all about your team and why you are the best at what you do. When you don’t have a website, you will immediately lose credibility. “Maybe they’re not a real company?”, “Maybe it’s a scam?”, “They must be new to the market?” – these are the questions that your potential clients have when they can’t find your website. Have you ever researched a specific product and immediately discarded the provider with no website? Not only does it make it more difficult for clients to access information about you, but it also affects the user experience and ultimately the sale.

Reason 3 – Increase your engagement and functionality

As a small business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline your processes. Your website’s extra functionalities, including e-commerce, lead capture information and appointment booking, just to name a few, can eliminate some of your mundane, everyday tasks, removing stress and letting you focus on the things you truly love about your business! These functionalities also make it easier for your customers – they can purchase the items they like and view information when it suits them, without waiting for a reply email or phone call.

Work smarter, not harder with a quality website

It’s important to find a website developer who can bring your ideas to life online. At Doa Loa Design , I take the time to build your website to match your brand and meet the needs of your customers, while looking professional and polished. It needs to reflect your brand and your values, remembering that your clients are going to be judging your business on the design and usability of your website. Make sure they are captivated on your page and intrigued to find out more. It’s important to have a website but it’s more important to make it good.

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