3 Ways to Use Your Brand Values for Long-Term Business Success

Some time ago, I created a free resource titled the “5-Step Guide to Amplifying Business Growth through Brand Values!” (you most likely landed on this page after downloading it). I was very hesitant to publish it because, as you know, you have to walk the walk! Impostor syndrome can easily take over.

However, the longer I kept this freebie hidden in the deepest folders of my Google Drive, the more the thought of sharing it with others kept coming up.

If you haven’t yet, you can download it here.

Coming back to the story, I wondered, “Why do I feel so compelled to share this? Do people even care about values?” I pondered over this (a lot) and, one random afternoon, it finally hit me: We humans are born unique, but as we grow, we adopt certain behaviours, learn to blend in, and often lose our beautiful identity. Going through our brand values can be challenging because it involves seeking the purest version of ourselves – the one that brings us peace. Yet, when starting a business, we’re frequently advised on how to behave and act to ensure success or even worse we are attached to identities that we cannot connect with.

From my experience and observations of my most successful clients, the key is to discover your true essence: the brand essence that makes you unique.

When I started my business, I felt the need to be and sound professional. The copy on my website, penned by me, sounded like it could blend into any corporate boardroom. Can you imagine the surprise for some clients when they joined a call with me and were faced with a person filled with ease and laughter? This leads to my number 1 way of using brand values for long-term success:

  • Embody Your Values. As a small business owner, you often represent the brand. Ensure every interaction you have showcases your brand values. And it’s so easy to do if you’re a personal brand. Simply be the best version of yourself!

One of our greatest assets as small business owners is our story because everyone has a tale to tell. People love connecting and listening to stories. It’s why we adore movies and occasionally read an entire post on Facebook or Instagram. Some posts captivate us so much that we read them in one go without thinking, “Oh gosh, this is too long,” and scrolling past. This leads to number two:

  • Share Your Story Concisely. Your brand’s story is soo strong. Delve deep into its origins and ensure every piece of content you create aligns with your values. For instance, if one of your values is community, periodically highlight local events or collaborations. P.S. Keep it simple and fun!

Being a designer, I firmly believe in the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I’m sure many can relate to researching thoroughly before making a purchase. If there’s a mismatch between a brand’s claim and its actions, discerning customers will notice. This realisation underscores the importance of genuine engagement, leading to my third point: 

  • Engage. One of the most overlooked aspects of brand values is how they influence our daily interactions. It’s not just about stating what you believe in; it’s about living those beliefs in every touchpoint with your audience. Example: Let’s think of Sarah, a professional organiser. Instead of just promoting decluttered spaces, she centred her brand on the value of “mindful living.” Sarah believed that a decluttered space leads to a decluttered mind. Beyond just organising someone’s physical belongings, she introduced her clients to sustainable habits, helping them make mindful decisions about what they kept in their lives and what they let go. Every month, she’d host community events centred around ‘mindful decluttering’, teaching people to not only organise but also understand the emotional and mental weight of their possessions. On her blog and social media, she’d share tips not just on tidying, but on leading a minimalist, intentional life. With each post, she emphasised the link between physical clutter and mental well-being.

Instead of just being seen as an organiser, Sarah’s clients saw her as a guide to a simpler, more intentional way of living. She wasn’t just tidying up spaces; she was transforming lifestyles. The experience was holistic, and her audience felt that difference deeply.

Engaging authentically with your audience means moving beyond surface-level interactions. It’s about making your brand values the foundation of everything you do. When customers see you living out your values, not just speaking about them, they form a deeper, more emotional connection with your brand.

Having trouble pinpointing your core values? Dive into my latest blog for three insightful tips to help you connect with your authentic self. Or contact me today! 

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